DWH automation tool Quipu versie 3 beschikbaar

QOSQO announced the release of Quipu 3. Quipu data warehouse management software simplifies and speeds up the development of highly flexible and auditable data warehouses. Its open architecture and model driven approach combined with template based code generation make Quipu a reliable addition to almost any customer data warehouse stack.
Quipu software automates large parts of the Data Vault modeled data warehouse design and development process. Quipu generates models and mappings between them. All relevant model and mapping metadata are stored in the repository. Via templates Quipu translates metadata to executable structure (DDL) and load (ETL) code, in SQL, XML, HTML or any other format.
Quipu integrates with all major database platforms and ETL tools.
Quipu Professional Edition has functionality for re-using and extending Quipu models as well as access to optimized templates for optimal performance on many RDBMS’es. This edition aims at customers that rely on Quipu in their business environment with a need for optimal load code performance and where the data warehouse is increasingly extended with new source attributes. The Professional Edition combines a license to use these advanced features with Professional support to ensure continued usage of Quipu software at a very competitive cost.
For more information or contact details please visit www.datawarehousemanagement.org

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