Cloudera case for DWBI Summit: an enterprise-ready data lake

Instrument your business with an enterprise-ready data lake.
It is often clear to  analists and other data professionals: the traditional BI environment is insufficiently capable of making use of all available data.  A data  lake is required to process large amounts of data, store new data formats and get the necessary tools swiftly and efficiently to combine and analyze the data. Making this step is required to generate new customer insights or to improve internal processes.  The question is how to realize a swiftly implemented data lake? In a corporate environment, with lots of various stakeholders, this is not an easy step. Furthermore, because of the subject being unknown to the organization, there will be a lot of uncertainties about how to get it fully operational.
Some of the topics covered are: ‚ÄčImplementing a data lake and the operational challenges, 
Lessons learned from the Nuon case.

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